First Major Tunnel

In its First year, BCC Pvt. Ltd. Went on to execut its first major Tunnel aconstruction project for Northern Railways in Banihal region of jammu & kashmir, India.

Land Mark Projects

In a short of four years, BCC Pvt. Ltd. Did various land mark projects for National Highway Authority of india and Northern Railways.



BCC has established its name in the Construction & Infrastructure Industry not just in the state of Jammu & Kashmir but in whole of india.

Leading Contraction

Beigh Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. (BCC) is one of the leading contraction indian based in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, with its Headquarter in Jammu. It was incorporated by Mr.Imran Beigh as Managing Director In July 2012. The Company experienced growth since its incorporated in july 2012.


Surface & Underground Infrastructure

BCC Pvt. Ltd. Is specialized in providing Surface & Underground infrastructure. We continuously develop our business process to meet the changing requirements of industry and the environment in which we operate. We work closely alongside our clients to develop their objective in a cost effective and mutually profitable manner.